How To Use Your Cards

Little Wise One cards are designed for children as young as two, however there is something there for all ages.

Let’s have some fun!

Affirmations help us to set intentions and create a positive focus for the day. Creating a morning ritual of using the cards is a beautiful point of connection between you and your child and will empower them with confidence, kindness and gratitude to move through their day.

Choosing a card

1. Find a quiet space.
2. Place your hand on your heart and take 3 deep breaths.
3. Smile.
4. Simply pull a card from anywhere in the deck. You may either shuffle through until you land on one (or more) cards, or choose with your eyes closed. This helps your child connect with their intuition. We call this ‘heart speak’.

Children, especially younger ones, may choose a card based on the illustration and often the card the child is guided to will hold a special message that is relevant for their day.

Discuss the meanings of the cards and encourage children to share ideas and experiences about what the card symbolises to them. You might even like to share your own; keeping in mind that this is an imaginative exercise, and there are no right or wrong answers or experiences. 

Encourage your child to repeat the affirmation several times, always aloud at first, and then in their mind, to help them anchor it into their memory. Looking into the mirror while saying your affirmation aloud, is especially powerful. Singing the affirmations is also a fun way to help with this and encourages added benefits of exploring melody through emotions, creativity and repetition.

You may want to revisit the card of an evening or even choose a new one together at bedtime, helping with restful sleep and giving your child peaceful thoughts to send them off into their nighttime journey.

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