Spirituality and Children

When we teach children about spirituality we are teaching them to have an appreciation and connection to land and to themselves in their everyday lives. We have witnessed first hand the positive effects spirituality has on children's wellbeing as they learn to embody compassion and share their love and goodness in the world. 
When we embrace elements of reflection and wonder, and an awareness that we are a part of something bigger, we help children develop their own connection with the divine guidance.

"Teaching children about a connection to the Divine is more important than the name we give it. Around the globe God is also known as the Creator, Sacred Spirit, Buddha, Holy Father and Mother Earth, light and Universe, to name a few. Whether we choose to worship in church, in temples or in Nature, the search to find that faith, that sacred place, that light, is within us all."
Maggie Dent, author
Little Wise One cards help children focus on their eternal nature, and develop a connection with their inner guidance.