Meet Vic

I’m Vicki and the founder of Little Wise One. I have been an Early Childhood Educator for over two decades and now after much soul searching over the years, I believe that nurturing the hearts of our little ones is truly my life purpose.

I have raised two of my own incredible daughters (proud mama), and throughout my life have wanted to make a difference and impact on the lives of others. Affirmations, mantras and prayers have been a huge part of my daily life and guided me through many of the challenges I have been presented with; my testament that the power of mindful words are invaluable to your mind, body and soul’s wellbeing.

Many times over the years parents have asked for a ‘take home pack’ from my time with their children and I knew in my heart I would do something, one day.

It wasn’t until I sat speaking about my ideas with my younger sister, only weeks before she left this Earth, that I made a heartfelt pinky promise to her to start, to create and to share. Fast forward many months, the stars aligned, and a nudge from heaven came in the form of a dream. I remember waking up the next morning with so much clarity and purpose, and within a matter of hours Little Wise One was born. It was a perfect fit.

The feather in the logo is for my mama and my sister, my two angels. And the name Little Wise One is to represent the wisdom I believe lies inherent in every child that walks our Earth.

Meet Tori

Hello! I am the creative mind behind Little Wise One and the youngest of Vic's two daughters.

I have been working in marketing for the past five years and am the creative energy behind the Little Wise One brand. I ensure all of our campaigns align with our teams vision and see our creative concepts through from beginning to end.

Our Artists

The creatives behind the illustration and design of Little Wise One are Northern River locals Marguerite Moloney and Serrin Ainslie. Both originally from South Australia, Margie and Serrin started working together when they moved to the Northern NSW coast 4 years ago. With 20 years experience between them in creative industries, they often draw inspiration from Bundjalung Country where they live. They believe there is a strong connection between creativity and mindfulness and hope that these affirmation cards encourage children and adults alike to explore their own creativity.